To create and operate an establishment where the love of hospitality, gathering, and togetherness is expressed through the creation and sharing of food and drinks. At One World, we have created a community and environment where our guests and our staff can learn, share and grow with others, through food and communication.


To provide the highest quality food and service to each and every guest. This is done through communication with our employees, education, and encouraging employees to develop a strong work ethic. By supporting growth in a healthy environment, we are ensuring that our staff will exhibit high levels of performance, which will be reflected in our hospitality to our guests.


Our commitment to you is a positive and supportive environment, which is created through open communication and fostering strong relationships that encourage creativity, fairness, and honesty in food.

By creating an empowered, motivated team of human beings, One World becomes a place for great food, excellent hospitality, and a positive means of social change in our community. To learn more about One World and our history, click on any of the links to the right.